$4 million fine against Kaiser for deficient mental health care

NewsJune 26, 2013

Did you hear the news?

A year and a half ago, NUHW psychologists and social workers compiled an exhaustive, 34-page report on major deficiencies in mental health services at Kaiser Permanente caused by chronic understaffing.

Just yesterday, the state agency that oversees HMOs like Kaiser affirmed our report’s findings, and announced that it is fining Kaiser $4 million for failing to provide timely care to patients in mental and emotional distress.

That’s the second biggest fine in the agency’s entire history.

It’s been reported on NPR and in the L.A. Times, the Sacramento Bee and the Associated Press. And today, we did press conferences in both Los Angeles and Oakland to talk to reporters directly about how NUHW members are holding Kaiser accountable and standing up for patients.

Since the only thing that Kaiser executives seem to care about is money, maybe this hefty fine will finally get the message through to management that Kaiser needs to do better by its mental health patients by providing them with the staffing they need. NUHW members won’t stop until our patients start receiving the care they need and deserve.


Carl Andaya, Kaiser Behavioral Healthcare Help Line
National Union of Healthcare Workers – California Nurses Association