Healthcare workers condemn smear campaign against Hans Keirstead

NewsFebruary 23, 2018

Statement by

Sal Rosselli, President

National Union of Healthcare Workers


Smear Campaign against Dr. Hans Keirstead, candidate for Congress, Orange County (48th District)


The National Union of Healthcare Workers proudly endorses Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress and condemns the recent attacks on his campaign by fellow Democratic candidate Harley Rouda.

With Russian interference in our elections now documented, Democratic candidates in California’s 48th Congressional District cannot risk any in-fighting that would help Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, one of the Kremlin’s favorite politicians, win another term in Congress.

As Orange County voters turn away from the Republican Party, Democrats can only capitalize if they focus on what voters want them to do: Provide healthcare for all Americans, help build affordable housing, preserve Medicare and Medicaid and produce true parity for mental health services.

Keirstead earned our endorsement by showing that he shares these values and that he has the toughness to stand up to the Trump Administration. Unfortunately, he seems to be gaining such traction that Rouda decided to produce videos attacking him. This smear campaign is just a tired political ruse that only benefits Rohrabacher, because the more Democrats fight each other the better his chances of winning another term as one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters in the House.

With the June 5 Primary fast approaching, the Democratic candidates should be making it clear to voters why we can’t afford another two years of Rohrabacher, and how they will improve the lives of their constituents.

Keirstead is doing just that. It’s time for Rouda to follow his lead.