200 more workers join NUHW, more victories at labor board

NewsAugust 5, 2011

Brothers and Sisters:

Today, the full labor board in Washington, D.C. rejected SEIU’s appeals and ordered the certification of our elections to join NUHW.

I am proud to announce that nearly 200 workers at three North American nursing homes are the newest members of NUHW.

In response to almost three years of SEIU’s frivolous legal charges attempting to block our right to choose our union, we stood firm and we fought back. We are now absolutely ready to join workers in NUHW fighting to bargain a fair contract with our employer.

We are not alone. After having their own election blocked by SEIU for more than 900 days, workers at Children’s Hospital in Oakland are organizing to win their vote to join NUHW on August 17. You can see their election announcement here.

Finally, I am proud to report that Beverly Griffith, an EVS worker at Alta Bates Summit Hospital, haswon her case at the national labor board this week, as well.

Two years ago, Beverly was fired from her job at Summit Hospital in Oakland after an SEIU organizer made a false accusation against her. The labor board ruled on Tuesday that Beverly and her co-workers told the truth, and that she was fired because Sutter preferred SEIU over NUHW. Sutter has been ordered to offer Beverly her job back and make her whole for lost pay and benefits within 14 days.

As healthcare workers, we all know from personal experience that SEIU has violated our rights. In decision after decision, including overturning two elections for 44,000 Kaiser workers last month, the labor board has now put it in black and white: we have the right to choose NUHW free of illegal fear and intimidation from SEIU or our employer. 

On a personal note, I want you all to know that it brings true joy to my heart to be united with the thousands of healthcare workers building our own union in NUHW. After almost three years, we are home.

Eloise Reese-Burns photo

Eloise Reese-Burns, CNA, Cottonwood Healthcare in Woodland
National Union of Healthcare Workers