Salinas Valley
Memorial Hospital

450 E Romie Lane, Salinas, CA 93901

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital is an acute care facility operated by a public district hospital in Monterey County, California. Salinas caregivers voted to join NUHW in 2010.


Grant Hill
(831) 521-8493

Click here to download the 2012-2015 contract
(A new contract has been ratified by members and is currently being prepared)


Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital LATEST NEWS

Nearly 2,000 workers joined NUHW in the past year

POSTED ON December 21st, 2016

In 2016, we organized more than 1,800 workers in five facilities throughout California, winning nine elections in new and residual organizing campaigns.   St. Joseph – Queen of the Valley Medical Center: … keep reading >

An extraordinary year for NUHW

POSTED ON October 11th, 2016

It’s been an extraordinary year for NUHW. Between October 2015 and October 2016, we settled twenty-three contracts — including nine first-time contracts — covering 8,600 members. We won 11 elections and added 1,500 new members … keep reading >

Dolores Huerta: Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital’s Board of Directors needs to serve the community

POSTED ON July 19th, 2016

By Dolores Huerta The standoff between caregivers and executives at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital shows the alarming extent to which a profit-first corporate mentality has infected the public hospital and its administrators.  … keep reading >

California voters double-crossed by SEIU — for the second time

POSTED ON July 18th, 2016

This op-ed by NUHW President Sal Rosselli originally appeared in the Sacramento Bee and the Huffington Post. California … keep reading >

Video: Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital — Where Is All the Money Going?

POSTED ON July 1st, 2016

Every year Salinas Valley homeowners pay $3.5 million in property taxes to support Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. And every year, the hospital brings in more and more profit. Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital’s 2015 … keep reading >