Wellpath info picket vote

As our contract negotiations continue, it’s time to increase our pressure on Wellpath with the threat of an informational picket.

What we’re voting for here is to give our Bargaining Team the authority to schedule an informational picket if and when it becomes necessary at the bargaining table.  That may or may not happen.  But we need to show management that we’re ready and willing to do it if we don’t get what we deserve at the bargaining table.

An info picket is not a strike. It is a public demonstration/picket line that we will hold in front of the jail to shine a public light on our issues and concerns.  We will join the picket line before work, after work, and during our breaks.  And those of us who aren’t working that day will join the picket line too.

It’s an important tool to show Wellpath that we’re serious about winning a fair contract with decent wage increases.