WAMC Petition: Reinstate the COVID-19 pay increase

We, the undersigned healthcare workers at West Anaheim Medical Center, call on management to immediately reinstate and expand the Temporary Pay Increase that was instituted during the summer surge in COVID-19 cases. The Temporary Pay Increase rightfully rewarded caregivers for putting our health on the line, working under difficult conditions and helped ensure that our hospital had enough caregivers available to properly serve our patients. With COVID-19 cases surging once again, it’s critical that management recognize our commitment to meeting this moment by doing the following:

  1. Immediately reinstate the Temporary Pay Increase of $7 per hour in the same terms and conditions laid out in the letter titled “Notice of Temporary Pay Increase Due to COVID-19 Pandemic” dated July 16, 2020.
  2. Extend the Temporary Pay Increase to staff members in the following classifications: Radiology Technicians, I, II, and III; Nuclear Medicine Technicians; MRI Technicians; Echo Technicians;
    EKG Technicians; Cardiovascular Technicians; and Operating Room (OR) Technicians.