Take action to guarantee bonuses for healthcare workers

When we elect leaders who stand with healthcare workers, workers win.

As part of Governor Newsom’s May budget revision, he has proposed spending $933 million as a thank-you to health care workers working in hospitals, skilled nursing homes and psychiatric facilities. Under the current proposal, the bonus amounts would vary from $1,000-$750 depending on full or part time status of health care workers.

We applaud Governor Newsom’s recognition of the tireless work of health care workers during that pandemic. However, we can’t ignore that employers could have and should have raised worker pay themselves. Government funds shouldn’t be used as an excuse by profitable companies not to do more. We hope the legislature will approve the Governor’s proposal, improving on it by encouraging employers to step up with additional bonuses and raises.

Please join us in calling our California legislative leaders to pass a state budget that includes the bonuses for health care workers.

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What you need to know

What are the amounts of the bonuses?

Based on current projections of the $933 million that Governor Newsom has set aside for health care worker payments, a full-time worker could get $1,000 and $750 for part-time workers. These amounts could vary depending on program participation exceeding available funding. Governor Newsom is encouraging employers to match the bonus up to $500.

When can I expect to receive my bonus?

No date has been provided but the Governor’s proposal first would need to be approved 
by the Legislature, which should happen by the end of the fiscal year June 30, 2022. 
Then the California Department of Health Care Services would oversee the distribution.

How will I receive my bonus?

If the Legislature approves the proposal, the California Department of Health Care 
Services would oversee distribution of the funds and communicate the process 
for payment to specified workers via hospitals and nursing facilities.

Would I pay taxes on this bonus?

Governor Newsom has recommended that legislators exclude the bonuses from state 
income taxes. The Governor’s recommendation is for the State’s portion; it is unclear 
about the additional funds if employers opts to match the Governor’s proposal.

What can I do to make sure this proposal gets approved?

The $18.1 billion Inflation Relief package which includes the health care worker bonuses 
are part of Newsom’s revised 2022-23 budget that now needs to be approved by the California Legislature. We now need to call our leaders in the State Senate and Assembly 
to ask them to approve a budget that includes the health care worker bonuses.

How you can help

Join us in calling Senator Pro-Tem Toni Atkins at 916-651-4039 and Speaker Anthony Rendon at 916-319-2063 TODAY to guarantee bonuses for health care workers

It is part of the final state budget with the script provided below. The best time to call is Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. If you end up in voicemail, leave a message.

Hi, my name is __________.

I am a healthcare worker at __________ and a proud member of the National Union of 
Healthcare Workers.

I am calling to ask Senator Atkins/Speaker Rendon to approve a state budget that includes the bonuses for health care workers.

Thank you!