SRMH Urgent Care Letter

Dear Tyler Hedden:

We, the medical assistants and radiology technologists, of St. Joseph Urgent Care – Sonoma County, are sending this letter to draw attention to the unfair practices that are taking place now during the COVID-19 crisis. While we understand the gravity and severity of this serious COVID-19 crisis, we still feel we are being undervalued and disrespected as healthcare workers. We work hard every day in caring for the people of our communities. Whether it be in difficult cold and flu seasons, or in recent devastating fire seasons, we are always here working diligently to deliver great professional healthcare for our urgent care patients, as we uphold the values and mission of St. Joseph Health. We deserve to be treated fairly, with integrity and respect.

We wish to highlight these critical issues that need to be addressed and clarified, as these are our most urgent concerns. We are asking for answers to the following questions:

  • Does Providence have a policy or procedures for furloughing employees? If furloughed, what is the policy for returning employees to work and maintaining our job security?
  • What is Providence’s funding plan to maintain employees’ hours after April 30th, considering the possibility of losing paid administrative leave for reduced hours? Will Providence fully comply with our Collective Bargaining Agreement and follow the contractual limits to ROHing?
  • What is the criteria for reopening the Rohnert Park and Windsor Urgent Care sites that have been closed due to low census?

All of us stand united in our pursuit of answers to these critical and urgent questions. We appreciate your time and attention to these matters, and we look forward to continuing to deliver the utmost professional healthcare to our patients.