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Support the elected leaders who stand with healthcare workers

The political action of NUHW members at Seton and Seton Coastside, under normal circumstances, is important because healthcare is highly regulated and financed by those we elect to public office. Our political involvement has taken on even greater importance over the last five years, with the departure of the Daughters of Charity, the new ownership and bankruptcy of Verity, the attempted and failed acquisition of Seton by KPC, and now Seton’s acquisition by AHMC.

Over that period, those political leaders we have supported, both financially and through our volunteer efforts at election time, have stood by us:

  • Supporting our efforts during contract negotiations with Verity, including facilitating a community town hall attended by more than 100 members, community leaders, and local office holders
  • Fighting to keep our hospital open by supporting AHMC’s takeover during hearings conducted by the California Attorney General
  • Securing additional funding from the Governor, specifically for Seton, to care for COVID-19 patients when the hospital was in danger of going under financially
  • Meeting with bargaining committee members to hear concerns regarding negotiations with AHMC management
  • Urging AHMC management a to settle a fair contract with NUHW members

While we accomplished much during our negotiations with AHMC, much remains to be done. When we return to negotiations a year from now, we will be fighting to improve our retirement plan and achieve fair wage increases. To win at the bargaining table, we need the support of our elected friends and community leaders; they will also help in the effort to secure the needed revenue sources to keep our hospitals financially viable. But we cannot do this without the support of members and other stakeholders, as membership dues cannot be used for these purposes.

Will you contribute $5 per month to NUHW’s Committee on Political Education (COPE) to support the elected leaders who stand with healthcare workers? 

For about the price of a coffee at Starbucks, you can help make improvements for you and your coworkers, your families, and the communities you serve. 

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