Support striking Kaiser therapists: Sign the patient letter telling Kaiser executives to return to the barganing table

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Dear Mr Adams and Mr Isaacs:

We are current and former Kaiser Permanente members who have struggled to access mental health for ourselves and our loved ones. We have seen Kaiser’s advertisements telling us to “Thrive” and imploring us to “Find our Words,” but when we have sought care for Kaiser, that care has been delayed or denied.

We have suffered and been harmed by Kaiser’s refusal to adequately staff its mental health clinics. There is no excuse for a multi-billion dollar entity to make people wait months for mental health care. And there is no excuse for Kaiser to make its members wait well over a month for therapy sessions that state law requires to be provided every two weeks.

Kaiser has an obligation to provide mental health care that is on par with its medical services and complies with state law. The mental health care that Kaiser currently provides is unethical, immoral and illegal.

We support Kaiser mental health clinicians in their strike. We call on you to immediately resume negotiations in the spirit of compromise so that Kaiser members no longer have to suffer from a lack of mental health care the way all of us and our loved ones have suffered.

I agree to add my name to this letter that will be handed to Kaiser CEO Greg Adams and The Permanente Medical Group President Richard Isaacs.
I can attend the rally where the letter will be delivered to Kaiser executives. 11 a.m. Friday, Sept. 23 at the Ordway Building, 1 Kaiser Plaza, Oakland.