NUHW-Dominican Bargaining Committee Nomination Form

Electing a strong bargaining committee of members is key to winning a fair contract.

You can use this form to either nominate YOURSELF or to nominate a CO-WORKER who you believe will represent you and your department.

The Bargaining Committee does the following:

  1. Develops contract proposals based on the input of co-workers
  2. Attends and participates in all bargaining sessions
  3. Makes strategic decisions in the contract campaign
  4. Reports back to and gets feedback from co-workers on negotiations
  5. Organizes co-workers to take action to win a fair contract

You can only nominate someone from your specific classification as set forth below:

  • Speech Pathologist-ARU
  • Speech Pathologist-Acute
  • PT-ARU
  • PT-Acute
  • Pharamacist
  • OT-ARU
  • OT-Acute
  • Inpatient Dietitian
  • Lifestyle Management

Our goal is to have 1 representative from each of the titles listed above (e.g., 1 from PT-ARU and 1 from PT-Acute, etc.) The one exception is the Pharmacy, which may have 2 representatives since those workers have just one classification title.

Nominations must be received by May 19, 2023. Voting will be then conducted online from May 29 to May 30. When the vote is conducted, the individual receiving the most votes in each listed discipline above will be elected to the bargaining committee. (In the case of Pharmacy, the 2 individuals who receive the most votes will be elected to the bargaining committee.)

Open bargaining: Any member is welcome to attend bargaining, even if they are not part of the elected bargaining committee.

  • I Nominate myself:

  • I nominate my coworker in my discipline as set forth above with his or her approval: