NUHW-Dominican Bargaining Committee Election

Nominations for the NUHW bargaining committee at Dominican are complete.

Uncontested elections: Those positions for which there is no contest or no nominee and therefore no vote are the following:

OT ARU: Sarah Williams
PT Acute: Kristina Rezowalli
Lifestyle Management: Melissa Devera
Pharmacy: Ellen Kureshi
Speech Acute: John Benich
Speech ARU: Lonna Dolder

Contested elections: Clinical Dietitian, OT Acute, PTO ARU

Only those members who are in the same classification/discipline and assigned to the same area may vote for a co-worker,(e.g., a PT in ARU may only vote for a PT in ARU). PTs in Acute already have a bargaining committee member and therefore will not participate in this vote.

Deadline to vote: Friday, May 26