Kaiser hiring transparency petition

We the undersigned present this petition to Kaiser Management to urge them to practice greater transparency regarding the daily operations of our department, in particularly with regard to hiring. Our contract highlights the importance of transparency in communication:

 To treat one another in the ways one wants to be treated him/herself, including clear communications of expectations regarding performance, support of individual opportunities for growth, and provision of opportunities for input into decisions when they impact people directly. (Paragraphs 308-09, Section 4 – Communication and Input)

Position 800532 was posted, then placed on hold; we were then informed that a candidate had applied for and accepted the position. From the time the position was posted, placed on hold, and offered to the applicant , there was ongoing messaging from Kaiser management that the QBS was to be removed due to a “lack of applicants.”

Several social medicine staff had worked to meet eligibility criteria for position 800532 but did not have the opportunity to apply because it was placed on hold.  From our perspective, this violates the agreement Section 4 paragraph 309, above.

We request a meeting between membership and all concerned staff to discuss this issue and obtain clarification and transparency.