Kaiser, Don't Deny

Patients need access to consistent, reliable mental health services

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New Law & Rights

California has a new law protecting mental health patients from delayed and denied care

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Care Delayed is Care Denied

Kaiser patients are shining a light on the HMO’s failure to provide patients with timely access to mental health care.

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Make Your Voice Heard

Don’t let Kaiser executives live in denial. The more people who come forward about their struggle to access mental health care, the more pressure Kaiser executives will feel to finally fix the problem.

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Therapists for Justice

Kaiser mental health clinicians are pushing Kaiser to improve its mental health services by supporting patients, raising awareness, and advocating for legislation.

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Patient Resources

Learn about your rights under the law as a mental health patient, how to file complaints with Kaiser Permanente and healthcare consumer protection agencies, and look up suicide and crisis prevention hotlines and more.

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