IBHS 2021 contract bargaining platform

Dear IBHS members:

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Based on the bargaining survey completed by over 70% of our members, the NUHW IBHS Bargaining Committee has set the following goals as top priorities for negotiations with Kaiser:

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Improved staffing and 
patient care

  • Establish enforceable mechanism to ensure staffing levels are adequate to provide clinically appropriate care to patients

working conditions

  • Increase amount of protected indirect patient care time
  • Opportunities and support for providers to work from home
  • Adequate, ergonomic, private, clinically appropriate office space
  • Flexible work schedules, including ability to work part time

Workplace decision making

  • Respect and support for clinical judgment of providers in all treatment decisions, such as treatment frequency, choice of treatment modality (in person, video, phone), etc.
  • More individual clinician control over provider profiles
  • Establish enforceable mechanism for labor input into decisions that affect working conditions and/or patient care

Fair wages

  • Fair and reasonable wage increase
  • Additional Longevity Steps beyond Step 10 (15 years)
  • Fair incentive plan with metrics and goals jointly set by Labor and Management
  • Increase bilingual differential

Maintain and improve benefits

  • Preserve the Defined Benefit Pension Plan for all employees
  • Add MLK as a paid holiday
  • Continue Student Loan Repayment Program and expand coverage
  • Allow family members full coverage under Alternate Mental Health Program
  • Improve vision and dental benefits
  • Increase 401(k) match
  • Improve retiree health benefits

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