Open petition to FVRMC CEO Ken McFarland and our political and community allies 

Last month, our Bargaining Team and some of our political allies sent you a letter requesting that you take actions to secure our economic security.  The impact of the pandemic is affecting all of us, but as healthcare workers, we are required to be on the frontline and we need management’s support.

We asked FVRMC to step up to the plate, as hospitals across California have done to support their frontline staff.

Your decision to refuse to enact a single economic provision to assist the front line staff has created uncertainty and chaos in our lives and threatens our future.

  • Employees all over the hospital are experiencing massive flexing and calls offs. Some people are losing up to 50% of their hours.
  • Hundreds of employees at FVRMC have applied for unemployment insurance because they are no longer working their full schedule.
  • FVRMC management has refused to provide flexible scheduling. Several employees had to take leaves of absences or flex off their entire schedule to take care of their school age children.  
  • All these reductions have  created the additional risk of employees losing their healthcare coverage. With reduced paychecks, large percentages of our pay will go just to cover healthcare premiums.  

At a time, when the world is recognizing Healthcare Heroes, Tenet is turning its back on us.  We are asking you to turn around and stand with us.

Join other California hospitals who have implemented policies that include:

  • Fully paid leave for on-the-job exposure
  • Guarantee of 4 weeks paid time for any employee who has lost work or hours.
  • Flexible scheduling for NUHW members who must care for school-age children or elders.
  • New Labor Redeployment Pools for those employees who may lose hours as the hospital temporarily closes departments or units.  Employees shall be paid their regular wage rate.
  • Employees  will receive an additional 80 hours of emergency PTO.
  • Guaranteed 65% income replacement If an employee should become ill and has exhausted all of their paid time, including their emergency PTO.
  • Full payment of medical claims associated with COVID-19 infections for caregivers and their family members. 
  • Employees shall receive a $100 per day reimbursement for childcare.

We will always remember how we were treated at a time during this historic pandemic, and we will remember who stood by us. If other hospitals can stand up for their employees, you can, too.