Fountain Valley Years of Experience appeal

This form applies only to full-time & part-time employees at the hospital. Fill out this form and your union organizers will provide it to HR.

Under the contract, the follow resolution of any issues shall occur:

Following the ratification of this Agreement: No later than forty-five (45) days following ratification of this Agreement, the Hospital will provide to the Union and will post the years of experience for all bargaining unit employees. The Union and/or Employees will have thirty (30) days to dispute their individual published total YOE in writing directly to the Chief Human Resources Officer or as designated. Appeals will be resolved within thirty (30) days following receipt of the written dispute. If their YOE is not disputed within that time frame, a future dispute may automatically be denied.

Such review shall be conducted jointly between the Employer, the Union and the affected member. The criteria noted in a., b., c., below shall be utilized in the review. In the event, as a result of the review, the Employee is owed backpay, such backpay shall only go back to the date that the new wage rates were implemented. The parties mutually agree that the criteria listed below is the only criteria for determining YOE:

a) Verifiable licensure or certification date, if a license or certification is required for the position.
b) Verifiable employment elsewhere in the same or similar position.
c) Utilization of skills and responsibilities in former position that are also utilized incurrent position.