Fountain Valley bargaining petition


Tell FVRMC CEO Ken McFarland:
Come to the bargaining table

Several times since August, our union has given FVRMC management 75 dates that we were available to bargain our new contract. Management has agreed to none of them. ZERO. ZIP. NADA.

As we expected, we’re in for a fight. Management has not even shown us enough respect to start the baraining process in good faith.

We need action, not words, from Fountain Valley CEO Ken McFarland. He needs to show that he values our skills, commitment, and experience.

TO: Ken McFarland, CEO of Fountain Valley

We ask that you immediately instruct your management team to provide multiple bargaining dates — at least 7 per month — so that we can bargain effectively and reach a new contract by May 4. Management has dragged out negotiations with our nurses for a year. Those tactics will not work with us.