NUHW Bargaining Platform at FVRMC

This is a summary of the Bargaining Surveys and discussions with members about what are the most important things to fight to win in our next contract. Read this carefully and cast your vote.


Taking Care of Our Patients

  • Ensure staffing and workloads are responsive to delivering high quality care
  • Ensure that we have a greater voice in issues affecting patient care
  • Recruit and retain skilled staff so we can build a dedicated team and ensure high quality care

Economic Justice for Our Families

  • Wage increases that recognize our experience and skill level
  • End the inequality in our wage structure
  • Ensure scheduling process that maximize economic stability
  • Affordable quality healthcare options for ourselves and our families
  • Full time positions for full time work
  • A yearly income that keeps up with the escalating costs of housing, food, and transportation

Advancing Our Careers

  • Recognize our commitment to our hospital and community
  • Value the skills and knowledge we bring to our work
  • Maximize our opportunities for professional advancement

Respectful and Fair Work Practices

  • Treat staff in a respectful and professional manner
  • Respect policies and procedures in a consistent manner
  • Respect our Union contract

A Safe and Healthy Work Environment

  • Abide by safety procedures at work to protect us from harm
  • Ensure security measures are in place for us and our patients
  • Abide by state and federal regulations affecting our safety
  • Train, staff and equip our units to prevent workplace injury
  • Notify staff in a timely manner of workplace hazards