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Keep Care in the East Bay

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UCSF is taking care and caregivers out of Oakland

UCSF signed an affiliation agreement with Children’s Hospital Oakland in 2014, giving it control over the hospital that has served East Bay kids for generations. The agreement was seen as the best option for safeguarding care in the East Bay, but doctors, nurses and caregivers report that UCSF has eliminated jobs and moved critical — and profitable — medical services to its San Francisco campus in Mission Bay. As a result, East Bay families must increasingly take long, expensive trips to get first class care for their kids.

Patients, providers say UCSF affiliation with Children's Hospital means worse care for East Bay families — KTVU

People are speaking out

Children’s Hospital Oakland stakeholders have held protests, written letters and talked on the record to the community news outlet Oaklandside about what UCSF is doing at Children’s Hospital Oakland. Here is some of what they’ve said:

  • “UCSF is taking services out of our community, but that wasn’t part of the agreement. It’s my thought that, over time, it will become just an emergency room,” albeit “a great emergency room.  — Jeffrey Cheung, former Children’s Hospital Oakland Board Member told Oaklandside.
  • “I don’t want to put any intention behind it, all I know is without a significant change with the current plans, this will end up being a second class hospital with poor physician retention and no paying patients.” Dr. Julie Saba, a senior cancer scientist at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute told the East Bay Times.
  • “There’s a lot of anger. The anger is palpable. At the time (of the affiliation), it was sold to us in a different way. We were told we’d be stronger not weaker. They sold it to us like a healthy marriage, but where it is now feels like a Cinderella adoption,” Dr. Stephen Long, a pediatric anesthesiologist told the East Bay Times.
  • “Many were hopeful that the merger between UCSF and Children’s Hospital would allow for more equality among the two campuses, but this has not been the case. Instead of allocating resources where they are needed most and helping out the underserved communities that [Children’s Hospital] serves we have seen the exact opposite.” — Scott Parker, emergency room nurse in a letter to administrators reported by Oaklandside
  • “I started at Children’s Hospital 32 years ago because I felt really committed to the mission of the hospital and caring for this community, and I feel really sad at seeing the dissolution of that.”  — Carrie Krupitsky, a family nurse practitioner, who was recently laid off from her job, told Oaklandside.

UCSF refuses to take action

In contract negotiations with many of the more than 1,200 workers represented by the National Union of Healthcare Workers, UCSF has refused a provision that would hamstring it from laying off East Bay healthcare workers and consolidating medical care in San Francisco.